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Would you like to Win one of  Our Awards ??

I don't give either of the Awards out to every site that applies. It's a cruel world,
and the site has to be Trully EXCELLENT/FANTASTIC.
It must also appeal to me visually, and more importantly, personally.

Things that WILL prevent you from winning either of the Awards:

1. Your backgrounds are so busy we can't read the words.

2. Your writing overlaps and is thus unreadable (This is the sign of a lazy webmaster.)

3. Lack of real imagination (i.e- you have things all over the place,
your page is just links, you copied your page from another on the web.)

4. Spelling Errors!! Most computers come with spellcheckers, and if you have spelling errors, then I know you just haven't bothered to make the effort.

5. Foreign language pages that do not provide an English version. I know this seems a little mean, but if I can't read it, how do I know your page is suitable for kids to view?

6. You don't "Give credit where credit is due" for other people's graphics you have used to make your page.

7. You have Racial slanders, Hate/Violence propaganda, Sexual referances in ANY form. If I see any of these, I will immediately TRASH you application!

8. Most important! If your page "bombs" my Browser(i.e- makes it or my entire computer shut down! ), then I WILL not go back to your site and will immediately trash your application!

If your page contains NONE of the above, please feel free to try for either of  the awards:)

The following may help you score brownie points, but
by no means guarantee you of Success, it just gives a helping nudge:)

1. Sign The Guestbook! I like to know who visits, and it is only a small thing to do:)

2. Your Site must be a family friendly web site that is o.k. for small children to visit.

3. Personal Touches such as you making the graphics yourself always help.

4. Something that gives back a little to everyone on the net.

5. Well thought out words that grab attention.

If you would still like to apply for this award, please  E-mail the following information to us:

** Your Site's Name**
** Your Site's URL**
* *Your Name**
** Your E-mail address**
**Which award you are applying for

We will usually respond within one to two weeks if you have won either of our Awards!!

Thank-you for applying for our awards:)

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