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This is part of a SIMHorse game called Fresh Fields
NOTHING Here is real!!

Hi there! You have found Surefoot Farriers.
We believe that your horse deserves the best of comfort,
no matter what your price range.

Please take a look at our wide range of shoes.
If You don't find what you are looking for, please let us know,
and we will try our best to make them for you!

Here is the range of shoes we have in stock:

Standard Steel $40 a set
Ridged Steel $50 a set
Standard Aluminium $60 a set
Ridged Aluminium $70 a set
Neon- $80 a set
Gel Pads  $40 a set
Standard Pads $5 a set
AirPads- $10 a set
HeatPads- $20 a set
Mud Caulks- $25 a set
             Rubber Shoes-For the horse that kicks-$25 a set
Trimming Only- $10
A little about our products
All shoes and pads come in sets of four

 Standard Shoes- These are just your regular shoes, good for hacking
and flatwork. Not suggested for competition horses, as they
do not provide the grip necessary.

Ridged Shoes- these have a ridged indentation running the length
of the shoe, down the centre. These provide more grip, and are
recommended for competition horses. Screw holes for
mud caulks must be requested when ordering.

   Neon- These are made of aluminium, then dipped in fluorescent paint (safe
for horses). They come in a wide variety of colours, and give maximum
visibility when riding in traffic, or riding at night.

 Standard  Pads- These are placed between the shoe and the horses
hoof, and give more padding and support than standard shoes.

Gel Pads- These are especially good for horses returning to work
after a leg or hoof injury. They provide maximum added cushioning
and prevent jarring.

Air Pads- These are especially good for eventers and competition horses,
as they take alot of the weight as a horse's hoof lands.

Rubber Shoes- Shaped exactly like real shoes, made of rubber and glued
on. Very good for the horse that has brittle or damaged feet and
can't have nails put in. Also recommended as your foal's first
set of shoes!
Heat Pads- These are great for cold days or sensitive hooves! They
keep the hoof warm, therefore much more protected against damage.

Mud Caulks- These screw into shoes to provide better grip. They are
especially good for eventing or jumping on muddy ground or wet days

E-mail Lapelli  with the following information:
Your Name and Game number
Your Horse's Name and Game number
Shoes that you want on your horse
and a Check.

Example of Farrier check:

Pay: Farrier
For: Shoeing
Horse's Name:
Shoes: (Insert shoes required here)
Signed: (Your signature here)

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