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Playing The Game

I know, I know, rules are horrible, but they help the game run smoothly:)

Here are some rules and basic guidelines for playing the game.

*1.NO Arguing,Profanity,Name Calling, or
     Harrassment of  Other players!!!!

If you have grievances with one another, try to sort them out like responsible people.If you Can't work it out peacefully, bring it to me rather than break  this rule, and Myself and the FF Council will try to mediate to bring about a mutually happy solution:)
Consequences for breaking this rule
*1st time- 1 REAL month suspension of membership from the game.
* 2nd time- Expelled from game.

I know this seems harsh, but we are here to play, not bicker like kids!

*2. Members must be active!

All new members [or those deemed to be inactive without notification from the member] will serve a two-week probationary period. If the member does not fulfill the active member requirement, then they will be removed from FF WITHOUT warning.
An active member is one that emails at least once every week. If you feel this is too much, then please join a game that has a more relaxed approach to posting:)
Members ignoring this rule will be expelled WITHOUT WARNING, so that
people who WANT to play have places available to them.


You may only  make up Two Horses when you join FF. To Make them up, just decide what sort of Horse, create their stats(Using the format Below) and mail them to me:)

To buy them , Visit the  Sales yards.

What stats I need for your starting horses:
ID(This will be given to you once you and your horses and registered)
Sire X Dam:
Speciality 1:
Speciality 2:
(Horses will only be able to specialize in two areas,just like real horses could only do one or maybe two things really well:))


These horses MUST be boarded at a boarding stable{and the Stable owner notify ME of this },shod, vetted and necessary tack bought BEFORE you buy any more horses or enter shows! All attempts to buy more horses or enter shows will be ignored, and the emails deleted, if you have not cared for your original two horses first!


*4. Funds

You Start the game with $250,000 Sim Dollars.
This is to be used in Whichever Way You Like!!
To earn more money, you will need to get a job or sell horses.


You  MUST register  You and Your Horse once you have filled out your joining form and recieved confirmation that you are a member! If not, you don't have an I.D number, and I won't know who you  either of you are:) It is also necessary for shows, as  you need it enter any of the Shows held by the stables in the Game.


All of You are expected to keep your own records. I don't have a computer the size of a house, so I can't keep ALL of everybody's stats.There just isn't room. Using a notepad is a good idea, as I have found it to be very useful in the games I have played/Run so far( And it is useful if, Horror of Horrors, the page should disappear through  no fault of my own - i.e.-the server accidently wipes it. It hasn't happened here yet, but computers CAN do it, so Be Prepared). If you lose a horses Stats, then you have lost them, unless they are on the Boarders page already. Sorry,that is just how it is.


1. Stallions must be between the ages of Four and Twenty Five  years old to breed.
2. Mares must between the ages of  Five and twenty years old to have a foal.
3. To breed your mare, please send the names and registration numbers of both the sire and dam
{Remember to contact the owner of the stallion to make sure that it is ok, and to sort out the stud fee, if it is not one of your own stallions!}
4.Your mare stays in foal for Four REAL weeks .
5. Mare may only have 4 foals per REAL YEAR!
6. At the end of four weeks, you  choose the foal's stats. Please send me the name,sex, color and Markings of your foal, along with the Sire and Dam's names, approximate height it will be when it matures, and if wanted, what speciality you hope to train it in.
7.Your foal must be registered at it's birth. (This sorts out the paperwork faster).
8.You may not enter your foal in any shows until it is registered.


Sim HORSES age at a ratio of 12 REAL months=1 SIM year of ageing.

The ratio for FOALS ONLY ageing is 1 REAL  month= one SIM year of ageing.

This  applies until the foal reaches Four years of age,where the ratio goes back to
12 REAL Months=One SIM year.

 *9. Showing

NO horse can do  show after show after show and do 10 classes at a single show.Sim Horses are just like real horses, and if you overwork them, your show results will reflect this. Please try to think of your horses as real horses. If anyone takes their horse(s) to too many shows in too short a time, they will incur a one month ban from showing so that their horse(s) can have a break, just as real horses need them.

Mares may not be shown in ridden classes whilst in foal.
Halter classes are the only events they can enter until the foal is born.

Horses may not start competing until they are Four years old.

The only exception to this are Racehorses, which may begin competing at Two years old.

*10.Owning Horses

Boarders: You can only have a maximum of TEN( 10 ) horses at any one time.
Stable owners: You can only have a maximum of FORTY( 40 ) horses at any one time.

Any BOARDER may only Own THREE stallions!

If a BOARDER has THREE stallions, and another of their colts turns four years old, then They MUST geld or sell one of their stallion to bring it back to the CORRECT amount.

Any STABLE OWNER may only Own FIVE stallions!

If a STABLE OWNER has FIVE stallions, and another of their colts turns four years old, then They MUST geld or sell one of their stallion to bring it back to the CORRECT amount.
If this rule is ignored, then I will choose which stallion is gelded!

*11.Importing and Exporting

Importing Rules
Unlimited horses may be imported, but the  following steps must be completed before the  horse is added to the game:
1) All checks and copies must be forwarded to me as ASAP!
2) Import Fee MUST be paid at time of registering.
3) Horse must have FULL vet check upon entering Fresh Fields!
If this is not done, the horse will be siezed, held at the adoption ageny while a vet check is performed, and the owner billed and also fined $5,000 for each horse not vetchecked upon entry.
4)Horses do NOTretain previous points earnt before you owned them. ALL points and placings are stripped as soon as they enter FF. This is in the sake of fairness, so that all members are on an even footing.

Standard $25 registering fee is not included in the import fee.

Horse                           Importing Fee

Stallion                                   $2,000
Mare in foal                           $1,500
Mare                                      $1,000
Gelding                                     $750
Foals {Under 3 YO}                 $500

Sales Boards that are exempt from the Importing costs:

Jewel's Gem

ISBA Horse Sales

Ballywhim Equestrian Centre Auction Board

The Flowing Mane Auction Board

High Tide Acres Auction Board

Exporting  Rules
Unlimited horses may be exported, but the  following steps must be completed before the  horse is removed from the game:
1) All checks must be forwarded to me as ASAP! If they are not sent, then they don't get added to bank accounts, and you have done yourself out of money!

2)The IDs of the horses sold Must be sent to me along with the copies of any checks so I know what the money is for, and also so that I can remove the horse's stats from my database.


Checks MUST be written when you buy  ANYTHING in the game.
Format to be used for all checks. If checks are written any other way, they will be ignored. The system is programmed only to accept them like this:)

Pay to:
Being For:


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