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Welcome to the


The show itself will be held at Tranquil Waters (TW),
FF's Founding Stable.

Please enjoy yourselves, and best of luck to all of our competitors!


Games Invited to Compete
Fresh Fields
Off Track
Royal Equestrian
Apples and Carrots

All Placings earn points towards Rankings in FF.
Points are Shown in Blue.

If game owners allow you to transfer these points back to your game,
then you may do so, if you are not an FF Member:)

Champion of Show will be the horse that wins the most 1st and 2nd place.
If there is a tie, the winner will be decided on which horse has more 1st place ribbons.

Champion of Show  20
$2000(sim), Free entry to All TW Shows for One REAL Year,
Satin "Champion of Show" Cooler.

All English Classes

1st   10
$500(sim), Rosette, English All Purpose Saddle.

2nd 7
$250(sim), Rosette, Black Leather English Double Bridle.

3rd 5
$100(sim), Rosette, Black Leather English Snaffle Bridle.

All Western Classes

1st   10
$500(sim), Rosette, Western Roping Saddle.

2nd 7
$250(sim), Rosette, Poley Split-ear Roping Bridle.

3rd 5
$100(sim), Rosette, Kachane Reining Bridle.

Below is for FF members only